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Remote Control Airplane Kits

Remote Control Model Airplane - Hobby Zone Firebird Outlaw RTF 

For under $50, this is a really cheap remote control airplane. You get an airplane, 2 channel transmitter with a 9V battery, 5-cell 8 volt rechargeable airplane battery, and an AC wall charger all in one box. There is nothing left to buy.  Here is a review of remote controlled airplanes for beginners.

Electric Remote Control Airplane - Megatech Skyliner RTF (3ch)

50+ miles per hour! This remote control model airplane can really fly.

72 MHz pro style transmitter provides control of rudder, elevator, and variable speed electric motor. Comes complete, ready to fly. 

A must own electric powered remote control airplane kit!

Picture of an electric remote control airplane kit.
Picture of the Megatech Skyliner electric rc airplane kit.

Remote Control Model Airplane - Megatech Megastealth II RTF (3ch)

60+ miles per hour! 

This is one fast rc airplane.

Ever dream of flying the Stealth Bomber? That dream comes true when you own the Megastealth 2 electric remote control airplane.

A fail safe unit puts the plane in neutral for safe landings.

Picture of an electric remote control airplane.
Model of Megatech Megastealth II RTF (3ch) electric rc airplane kit.

Gas Powered Remote Control Airplane - Alpha Trainer RTG

One of the easiest to fly gas powered remote control airplanes.

Picture of a gas powered rc airplane model kit.
Alpha Trainer RTG Gas Powered RC Model Airplane

Remote Control Jet Airplanes - F-16 Fighting Falcon Ducted Fan RC Jet Airplane RTF (3ch)

Imagine flying an F-16 fighter plane. With the F-16 Fighting Falcon remote control jet airplane you no longer have to imagine. This model airplane kit uses and electric motor to power the ducted fan jet.

Easily hand launched, flies like a park flyer, and lands slowly.

Picture of a remote control jet airplane.
F-16 Remote Control Jet Airplane

Where To Buy Remote Controlled Airplanes?

You can buy them online. There is one online hobby shop that has a large supply of remote control airplanes for sale. 

Click here to buy remote control airplanes.

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