Guide to choosing and buying ready to fly rtf rc airplanes.
Where to buy ready to fly rc airplanes.

ready to fly rc airplanes

Ready to Fly RC Airplanes!

Ready to fly remote controlled airplanes are great models for beginners, because...

RTF airplanes come pre-assembled or pre-built. In less than 15 minutes you have a ready to fly (rtf) rc airplane.

Picture of a ready to fly rc airplane.
Megatech Megastealth II RTF (3ch)

Most rtf rc airplanes come will all the equipment needed, such as radio control system, engine, batteries, etc.

Electric Ready To Fly RTF RC Airplanes

Here are some of the best and most popular ready to fly (rtf) electric powered r/c airplanes, sorted by manufacturer.

  • Aspire EP RTF
  • Hobbico Park Pilot RTF
  • Hobbico Sky Sailer RTF
  • Hobbico Aero Cruiser RTF
  • Hobby Zone Aerobird Challenger
  • Hobby Zone Fighterbird RTF
  • Megatech Sky Vector RTF RC Airplane
  • Megatech Capitol Flyer RTF RC Airplane HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  • Megatech Megastealth II RTF
  • Megatech Mustang P51D RTF RC Airplane
  • Nikko Cessna RTF
  • Super Aviator RTF
  • Vortex Swallow RTF RC Plane
  • Vortex Extreme RTF RC Airplane

Gas Ready To Fly RTF RC Airplanes

  • Alpha Trainer RTG Gas Powered RC Airplane
  • Arrow Semi-Symmetrical Trainer RTF
  • Hobbico SuperStar Select MkII RTF Trainer Airplane

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