RC planes pre-flight checklist.

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RC Planes Checklist

Checking your rc plane before flying will prevent crashes and unnecessary accidents. Here is a quick, pre-flight checklist.

Radio Control System of RC Planes

Servos - Check that they are still mounted securely to the rc plane.

Servo horns - Properly screwed to the servos.

Receiver - Check that it is mounted securely. Make sure antenna is properly routed and secure.

On/Off Switch - Make sure it is new and functioning properly. Old switches tend to loose contact and the receiver loses power or turns off unintentionally.

Battery - Use fresh batteries for the receiver and electric motor.

RC Plane Landing Gear

Check and tighten rc plane landing gear screws.

Wheels should spin freely, tighten collars if necessary.

Check if any of the plane's landing gears have been bent or damaged. Fix or replace if necessary.

Engine/Propeller of RC Planes

Tighten all engine mounting screws.

Secure muffler attachment of the rc plane.

Check your rc plane's propeller for cracks or damage. Fix or replace.


Check fuel tank for leaks.

Check fuel hose for leaks or blockage caused by debris.

Clean the fuel filter.


Check and replace worn hinges.

Put your name and contact info on the rc plane.

Buying RC Planes

Visit your local rc plane hobby club and ask around for the best local hobby shop in your area, or... you can easily buy rc planes online.

Browse and buy rc planes online.

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