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rc model airplanes

RC Model Airplanes

Learn to Choose, Build, Buy, and Fly R/C Planes.

What are the popular rc model airplane kits?

In general, the ready to fly electric rc model airplanes are popular among beginners.

Popular companies are Hobby Zone, Megatech, Vortex, and Nikko. 

Picture of a model rc plane.
Model airplane - Megatech Megastealth II RTF (3ch)

How much are r/c planes?

You'll be surprised at how cheap r/c planes can be. There are starter models that cost less than $50.

You can also own more realistic and popular r/c planes for less than $200, these kits come complete with radio, batteries, motor... everything you need to start flying.

And if you are among the lucky few who can afford r/c model airplanes at any cost, there are electric r/c jet airplanes that cost around $339 and gas rc model airplanes that cost $429.

Picture of a gas rc model airplane kit.
Alpha Trainer RTG Gas Powered R/C Model Airplane


Where can I buy rc model airplanes?

You can buy rc model airplane kits online. There is one online hobby shop that has a large supply of rc airplanes for sale. 

Click here to buy rc model airplanes.

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