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What and Where to Buy RC Blimps and Saucers!

Radio controlled or rc blimps and saucers are the perfect toys to have indoor fun. Buy several rc blimps to really have fun!

What are RC Blimps?
What are RC Saucers?
Pictures of RC Blimps and Saucers
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What are RC Blimps?

Radio control (RC) blimps are scaled down version of full sized blimps such as the Goodyear blimp. These rc models really fly. The radio control system allow you to control the blimp to rise, lower, go straight, turn left, and turn right.

These RC blimps are filled with helium, a safe, non flammable gas, widely used in party balloons. You can buy helium at flower and balloon shops. Helium can also be bough in canisters sold at Toys R Us, K-Mart, Costco, and more. Helium is very cheap.

What are RC Saucers?

Radio control (RC) saucers are almost identical to blimps except for the shape of their "balloon." RC saucers have smaller diameter balloons (e.g. 38 inch) and are round. RC blimps on the other hand have longer balloons (e.g. 52 inch length). The balloons are usually interchangeable.

The propulsion system usually consists of 3 electric powered fans controlled by a 3-channel radio control system.

Pictures of RC Blimps and Saucers

Pictures of popular brands of rc blimps and saucers.

Father and son having indoor fun with an rc saucer (silver) and an rc blimp (white).

Picture of an rc saucer and rc blimp.

The Mach III radio controlled blimp. 

Photo of mach 3 rc blimp.

The Tri-Turbofan flying rc saucer!

Picture of an rc saucer.

Buy RC Blimps for Sale

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Shopping online as safe, fast, and the most convenient way to buy your own rc blimps and saucers. These toys are cheap... so buy several to have lots of fun racing indoors.

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