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Enjoying the Hobby of RC Airplanes! is a website to help you learn more about the hobby of flying rc airplanes. Here you will find electric powered planes for beginners, and gas powered rc planes for advanced modelers.

Choosing an RC Airplane
Pictures of RC Airplanes
How to Fly and RC Airplane
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Choosing an RC Airplane

There are ready to fly (RTF) and almost ready to fly (ARF) models. RTF requires almost no assembly, while ARF airplanes require some assembly. There are also airplane kits that require a lot of assembly skills.

There are two major types: electric rc airplanes and gas rc airplanes. Electric model planes are powered by small electric motors and a battery pack. Gas model planes are powered by small gas engines and special hobby quality airplane fuel.

Beginners would do well to start off with "trainer" type electric powered, ready to fly, rc airplanes.

Pictures of RC Airplanes

Here are some pictures of popular radio control model airplanes.

Picture of an electric park flyer.

Picture of an electric powered rc airplane.

Picture of a trainer rc airplane. Picture of a trainer type model airplane.
Picture of the Megatech Nitro Skyliner ARF gas rc airplane. Picture of a gas powered rc airplane.

How to Fly an RC Airplane

Here are some steps to take to make sure you get the most fun out of flying your rc airplane.

  • Find and join an rc airplane club.
  • Get flying lessons from an experienced flyer.
  • Safety first. Make sure you have a "caller" to spot potential mid-air collisions.

Learning from an experience flyer is important. You will save a lot of money by avoiding take off and landing crashes.

Where To Buy RC Airplanes for Sale?

Electric and gas powered rc airplanes can be bought from a local hobby store, or you can buy them conveniently from an online hobby shop.

Browse, shop, and buy rc airplanes for sale online.

More RC Airplanes

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