Gas RC Airplanes - Choosing and buying a gas remote control airplane.
Gas RC Airplanes

gas rc airplanes

 How To Get Started With Gas RC Airplanes

Gas remote control airplanes are for more experience modelers and flyers. Gas rc airplanes are faster, and fly longer than their electric counterpart.

Gas rc airplanes are better than electric airplanes, because...

  1. The small gas engines provide the sound and realism of flying a real engine.
  2. Gas powered rc airplanes can fly longer than electric planes.
  3. Gas rc airplanes are faster!

To get started, here is a list of equipment for gas rc airplanes. You can also choose from popular brands.

Equipment for Gas RC Airplanes

Gas RC airplanes just need the following:

  • rc airplane kit
  • 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine
  • rc airplane hobby fuel
  • fuel pump
  • starter for the engine
  • 1.5 volt batter to ignite the glow plug of the engine
  • radio control system
  • 12 AA sized batteries for the radio control system

As we can see, gas rc airplanes require slightly more equipment. However, these airplanes provide hours of fun, and are worth it. The smell of nitro and the sound of the engine add a lot of realism to the flying experience.

Popular Brands

Popular brands are Arrow, Hobbico, and Megatech. RTF models are best for beginners, while ARF are better suited to more experienced modelers.

What Model to Buy?

The Alpha Trainer RTF Gas Powered RC airplane is a great model to get started if you really want a gas rc airplane. It is a ready to fly rc airplane.

Gas RC AirplanesThe gas engine is factory tuned for easy starts, and less maintenance. The 3 blade propeller provides precise speed control and quiet operation.

The Alpha trainer come out of the box, completely built! 

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