Buyer's guide to electric and gas powered rc airplanes.

electric rc airplanes

Electric RC Airplanes!

Electric remote control airplanes are best for beginners. 

Why? Because...

Picture of electric rc airplane.Electric rc airplanes are easy to use, simply charge the battery and fly. Flight time can be anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes per charge. Buy an extra battery pack and fly for over an hour!

Electric powered rc airplanes are quiet, allowing you to play without neighbors complaining about the noise.

Electric rc airplanes are less complicated than gas models, best for beginners. 

Equipment for Electric RC Airplanes

Electric RC airplanes just need the following:

  • rc airplane kit
  • electric motor
  • battery pack for electric motor
  • charger for the battery pack
  • radio control system
  • 12 AA sized batteries for the radio control system

The best part is that most ready to fly rtf rc airplanes come complete with all these items. Just charge the battery, find a clear field, and fly!

Picture of an electric park flyer airplane.
Electric park flyers are slow enough to play in small areas.

Cheap Models

There are cheap rc airplanes for sale that costs only $49.99. There are also great beginner and ready to fly models that cost anywhere from $69 - $342 USD.

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Manufacturers such as Hobby Zone, Megatech, Vortex, Hobbico, and Nikko sell ready to fly rtr electric powered rc airplanes.

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What Model to Buy?

For beginners who want to fly immediately, I suggest buying ready to fly rtf electric rc airplanes. RTF a cheap rc airplane that come complete with all needed equipment.

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