Popular rc airplanes for beginners. Remote controlled airplanes that are easy for a beginner.

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Beginner RC Airplanes - Fly a Remote Controlled Airplane

Here is a list of rc airplanes for beginners. I highly recommend starting out with electric powered remote controlled airplanes that are ready to fly (rtf) right out of the box. No assembly required!

Almost ready to fly (arf) airplanes require some assembly.

Electric Ready To Fly RTF Beginner RC Airplanes

  • Hobby Zone - Firebird Outlaw RTF Electric: Red (2ch)
  • Hobby Zone - Firebird Outlaw RTF Electric: Green (2ch)
  • Hobby Zone - Sky Surfer RTF
  • Hobby Zone - Aerobird RTF (3ch)
  • Hobby Zone - Firebird II RTF Electric (2ch)
  • Hobby Zone - Firebird XL RTF Electric (2ch)
  • Hobby Zone - Fighterbird RTF Electric (2ch)
  • Megatech Merlin Park Flyer RTF with Radio
  • Megatech Megastealth II RTF (3ch)
  • Megatech Skyliner RTF (3ch)
  • Megatech X-EC Diversion 2 Channel Mini-Flyer with Radio
  • Megatech Sky Vector RC Airplane
  • Megatech Capitol Flyer RC Airplane HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  • Megatech Mustang P51D RC Airplane
  • Vortex Electric RTF (2ch)
  • Vortex Extreme RTF Electric (3ch)
  • Nikko Cessna RTF
  • Super Aviator Electric RTF (3ch)
  • F-16 Fighting Falcon Ducted Fan RC Jet Airplane RTF (3ch)
  • Mini Piper ARF Electric Airplane RTF (3ch)
  • Miss 2 Easy Flyer Electric Airplane (3ch)
  • Wingo Park Flyer Electric RTF (3ch)
  • Hot Bodies Skywave Electric with 3 Channel RTF 40.4"

Electric Almost Ready To Fly ARF Remote Controlled Airplanes

  • Megatech Airstrike Remote Controlled Airplane
  • Mini Piper Remote Controlled Airplane
  • Nikko Windjammer Remote Controlled Airplane

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