Buyer's guide to electric and gas powered rc airplanes.

GWS rc airplanes

Guide to Buying GWS RC Airplanes Online

Grand Wing Servo-Tech (GWS) remote controlled planes are some of the best models a beginner can buy. The main company is in Taiwan while GWS USA is located in California.

Photo Credit: GWS Website

GWS sells electric and gas powered rc airplanes and gliders. Other products include r/c helicopters, servos, ducted fan power system, receivers, speed controllers, gyros, fails safe units, transmitters, motors, radio control systems, batteries, propellers, servo testers and more.

GWS RC Airplane Photos

Here are pictures of remote controlled planes by GWS...

Photo Credit: GWS Website

Buy GWS Planes From Online Hobby Shops

Where can I buy GWS rc airplanes?

You can easily and conveniently order GWS planes from popular online hobby shops. Here is a link to a recommended online rc hobby shop selling GWS rc airplanes. Choose from 9 popular model planes.

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