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Cleaning RC Electric Motors

Tips on Cleaning RC Electric Motors, Buying GWS RC Planes, Electric Motors vs. Gas Engines Newsletter / Ezine

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Vol 1, Issue 5           May 2004


* Cleaning RC Electric Motors
* GWS RC Airplanes
* Comparing Electric Motors vs Gas Engines



After running your electric rc airplanes thru several battery packs,
the performance of the electric motor will start to degrade. But
with some careful maintenance your motor will run almost as good
as new.

Cleaning Tips

1. Use an R/C motor spray to blast out dirt and debris stuck
inside the motor can.

2. You can also try using regular alcohol to remove gum from
the commutator. Simply squirt some alcohol on the comm while
the motor is slowly running.

Heavily Damaged Motors

1. Disassemble the motor and have the commutator cut (made
perfectly round) on a commutator lathe. Hobby shops usually
charge a small fee to do this for you.

2. Replace the motor brushes with new ones designed for your
specific motor type.



Grand Wing Servo-Tech (GWS) remote controlled planes are
some of the best models a beginner can buy. The main company
is in Taiwan while GWS USA is located in California.

These models are fun and relatively cheap, making it easy for
beginners to get into the hobby. Read more at:

You will find links to GWS forums, their official website, and
online hobby shops selling GWS remote controlled planes.



To get a relative comparison of an electric rc airplane motor
versus a gas rc airplane motor, simply use the formula below:

1 horsepower = 750 watts

2-stroke and 4-stroke gas model engines usually develop
anywhere between .5 to 3 hp. An electric motor will usually
develop 60 - 120 watts of power.

Gas engines definitely have an edge in power. That is why gas
rc planes are usually faster and are recommended for advanced

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